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Flesh Cadillac - Lazer Viking / S a b r e h a r t


Out 5.9.2016 0n BIGGBOSS

Music by Sabrehart / Words by Lazer Viking
Video made by Kaifosz, FOK, Dvořáček, Klímek & Křeček
Special thanks: MagicLab, MeetFactory, Martina Knoblochová & Marie Neumannová, Kryštof Melka, Marek Partyš

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S a b r e h a r t  is British musician, composer and producer Stephen Abrehart a first-class music technology graduate from dBs Music + Plymouth University (2014). 

His latest project is Flesh Cadillac, a collaboration with Czech singer, musician Lazer Viking and is out now on renowned Czech Hiphop label BIGGBOSS. The album is a thrilling blend of Pop, Electronic, Punk and Hiphop that ruthlessly plunders 20th century pop-culture but never sounds anything less than truly fresh.

Previous E.P. Skips is a more abstract exploration of the new sonic possibilities to be found when pushing c.d's into digital failure. Challenging yet strangely beautiful the tracks still retain a pop sensibility that pushes through the chaos.

In 2015 he completed the sound track for stunning short film SHRINES directed by Nona Catusanu-Popp, and has 2 indie electronic E.P's under the name Sly Horse.

Lazer Viking / S a b r e h a r t will be playing shows throughout europe to promote Flesh Cadillac and are already underway recording the follow up.

A new solo album is also nearing completion!


“There are many types of digital 'failure'. Sometimes, it results in horrible noise, while other times it can produce wondrous tapestries of sound" Kim Cascone

Skips explores the hidden potential that can be found in CDs when they are forced into error.


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